Montessori For All seeks to build a more just and peaceful society by cultivating diverse leaders of the future who find meaning and joy in their own lives and work in partnership with others to do the same.

Montessori For All (MFA) blends best practices of high-performing charter schools with authentic Montessori methods for students into an innovative school model in diverse communities nationwide. They have committed to intentionally bringing together children from racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse backgrounds to learn how to appreciate and navigate lines of difference in an anti-racist and culturally responsive community, toward an end of bringing about equity in our world. Conscious Consulting supported MFA in this effort by providing an expert lens on the best steps to take so that anti-racism and cultural responsiveness manifests as envisioned. Through one-on-one interviews, classroom observations, and deep study of the school’s strategies and culture, we conducted a thorough analysis of MFA and produced an assessment report that the leadership team, board, and staff could utilize in their work to achieve their mission.

Working with Montessori For All was an amazing experience. It is a privilege to see educational self-determination for students within our schools, and at MFA it shines brightly. The founder, leadership team, staff, families, and students have embarked on a beautiful journey of changing the status quo: creating a multi-ethnic, results-driven Montessori school that is free of cost and accessible to students and families in our most resilient communities. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision and mission, including welcoming an assessment of all the principles they are holding themselves accountable to. While assessments from external experts indeed allow us to see areas of struggle we may miss on our own, they also in the same vein, and perhaps more importantly, help us to clarify strengths that we may be underutilizing – strengths, that if exercised more, would expedite our exercise of excellence. Assessments provide us with the concrete foundations and clear strategies necessary for our journeys.