The Posse Foundation is a nonprofit organization that identifies, recruits, and trains student leaders from public high schools to form multicultural teams called "Posses" of 10 to 12 Posse Scholars

The Posse Foundation sees critical conversations across lines of difference as a way to challenge inequity. Through one of their signature events, The PossePlus Retreat (PPR), college students, faculty and staff across the nation are able to participate in 4-day retreats that centers on an important issue selected by the Posses.

Capitalizing on over 10 years of human-centered design and social justice facilitation experience, our Principal Consultant co-facilitated PossePlus Retreats at Wheaton College, St. Olaf College and Syracuse University for over 300 students, faculty and staff and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all 3 sites. The true testament of success was the motivation of the college students and campuses to mobilize and make their schools more equitable for all.

The Posse Foundation was unique in that they had a specific need to fill: expert facilitation. Their vision for their retreats was extremely clear; their outline of the PossePlus Retreat was beautifully detailed; and their track record for PPRs was 10 years long. After a decade of work, they know just how critical skilled facilitation is. So, they were extremely selective about the consultants they chose to be facilitators.

No matter how magical the design of a curriculum is, if the facilitation falls flat, the program will too. Excellence involves understanding the cadence of partners and synchronizing styles accordingly. It requires building strong rapport with site teams to ensure that logistics and operations flow as planned. Most importantly, superior facilitation demands being in tune with the energies, identities, and realities of all participants within the experience, appreciating the aspirations within their spirits, and honoring the goals of the client’s design, all while making the work look effortless.